Sunday, 25 October 2009

Day 184

I sat to enjoy the sound of the waves. It was so windy my hat was blown into the field behind me. There was a bit of chasing involved; but, the hat was successfully retrieved.

Day 183

This part of the forest hasn't started to change color yet.

Day 182

Autumn walk. It was rather cold; but, at least the sun was out.

Day 181

I am fascinated by the different moods of the sea.

Day 180

Whilst practicing yoga, Marley sat on my chest; so, I took his picture.

Day 179

The old sofa is in the sunroom. That means it is now my bed. Right?

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Day 178

Morfa, a National Trust Conservation area in Trefor, North Wales.

Day 177

You guys keep unpacking. I will supervise from the comfy couch.

Day 176

Sunset at West End, Trefor, North Wales.

Day 175

The sea was rough today.

Day 174

I have made fire!

Day 173

Marley pausing for a rest on our walk through the countryside near our new home in Wales.

Day 172

At the top of Snowden, which is the highest mountain in England and Wales.