Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Day 135

This very sad ball is at the centre of Marley's little life.  I brought a new one back from the states.  He isn't interested in the new one and is still obsessed with the broken one.  An appropriate portrait, I think.

Day 134

My dad gave me an iPod Touch for Christmas.  I couldn't play with it until I got home because it had to be activated by my iTunes.  There is no other way to have an iPod and I have only played with it for a day.  

Day 133

The newest addition to the cleaning arsenal.  And we paid all of £50.  I love it!

Day 132

Christmas Tree in my grandfather's house.  We had already opened presents and most of the mess had been cleaned up.

Day 131

Christmas Eve was a beautiful day in New Mexico.

Day 130

My husband, who wasn't able to make the trip with me, was rather jealous that we were outside this very famous rock climbing spot (located outside of El Paso).

Day 129

Small town Texas and your friendly roadside rest stop.

Day 128

When I moved to the UK, I found the amount of flavours available in potato chips to be astonishing.  Whilst in Target in the good old USA, I found this massive display of potato chips in an astonishing range of flavours.  Some were strange and the stand continued another foot or two to the left and right.

Day 127

Sock Monkey slippers received for Christmas.  Aren't they awesome!?

Day 126

My mom didn't have a tree up because we were going to my grandfather's for Christmas.  Thus, I present to you, the Christmas Window Seat.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Day 125

We were in Leicester again today (as we were yesterday for the driving thing) and I saw this on the pavement downtown.

Day 124

LOOK WHAT I DID TODAY!!!!!  HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 123

I crawled up on a bench and took this picture over a wall.  For months, I have been dying to know what was behind the wall.  It was a lovely surprise though quite frosty in the low winter light.

Day 122

This was just too funny not to take a picture.

Day 121

I love these things about England.

Day 120

Top of an iron gate I saw whilst running an errand for work.

Day 119

Frosty mornings in the garden.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Day 118

All these tests are doing my head in.  Once this is done, I will have passed some major hurdles.