Sunday, 20 July 2008

Day 72

Included in the package with Winchester was some candy.  The husband and I decided to try some.  It took us a second and then we realized that they were cars!  It cracked me up, so, I had to take a picture!

Day 71

I received my critter from the Critter Swap today.  His name is Winchester the Dragon and he hails from Sweden.  This is a view of his nose.  He is cute as can be!

Yes, I missed a few days this week!  Oops!

Day 70

These flowers recently bloomed in the garden.  I don't know what they are, but, they are really pretty!

Day 69

This is a clocket (clockwork locket).  It arrived in the mail today and is stunning.  It isn't really that big, actually.  I don't normally wear gold, but, this is an exception.  It was such a nice gift!  (Thank you!)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Day 68

My favorite plant is my jade.  I moved it out for some sun Monday morning before work.  I took this photo as it was so lovely.  Then the sun faded and the rain began.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Extra Post (found these pictures and wanted to share)

A poem scratched into a Tudor window pane at Haddon Hall.  

View of the bridge from the garden at Haddon Hall.

Day 67

It was just released in paperback and I got it for a £1!!!

Day 66

I had to go into Luton to get some documents notarized for work.  I saw this face on the side of an otherwise dull looking building.

Day 65

The front to a local church.  I love the doors and carving.

Day 64

Our dream home.  I pass by it on my way home from work and finally decided to take a picture.  Someday, we will own something like this Tudor Era gem.

Day 63

There is nothing like a good milkshake from a lovely little cafe.

Day 62

Isham church late at night.

Day 61

The collar isn't so bad after all, guys!  Once I pry it open it funnels more wind into my face!  Woo hoo!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Day 60

Last night, I came home to a package slip.  I picked up the package and it was a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab order; however, it wasn't my order.  I emailed the Lab and told them what happened and asked them where I should send this stuff: Los Angeles or the correct person here in the UK.  Their response was to apologize (no need, my stuff hadn't shipped yet!) and they would ship my order ASAP.  Also, I was told to keep the products.  Wow!  There is over $100 worth of stuff there since they are all limited edition scents.  Buy stuff from these guys!  They are awesome! Today, it is all out on my garden table and I am happily trying scents I would never have considered!

Day 59

We went to the rock gym today.  I think I am going to be quite sore come morning.

Day 58

My husband was watching live news on the computer.  Bailey jumped up and took a front row seat.  I tried to get that picture, but, he looked at me when he heard the camera.  He was intrigued for another half hour.

Day 57

I have a new pen pal in Canada.  Today, I received a gift from her.  Two pairs of earrings and two storage tins decorated with some of my favorite art.  She made it all herself.  Aren't they lovely?  One of the tins and one pair of the earrings is destined for a new home.  It would go perfectly with a gift I am putting together.

Day 56

This is Baxter the Bunny.  He is my finished critter.  I just need to pick up a card and a few goodies to go in the package.  His new home is in Ohio.