Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day 164

Preening goose.

Day 163

Hole of Horcum

Day 162

Cute squirrel sitting on a medieval grave stone.

Day 161

Pickering Castle

Day 160

Lobster traps

Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire

Day 159

Whitby Abbey

Day 158

Man-made object among nature.  Bit creepy; but, I liked it.

Day 157

Clifford's Tower in York.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Day 156

With the husband home, I am treated to lots and lots of live classical music.  Can you guess what this piece is?

Day 155

Mmmm, strawberries!

Day 154

Buster getting a nice snuggle from Gyan.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 153

Tulips!  Spring is here!  Hurray!

Day 152

Country walk.

Day 151

Andy and Tasha's wedding (brother-in-law and sister-in-law).  Sorry for the quality.  The lighting was quite bad.

Day 150

The husband has passed out!  Off to new careers and new horizons.  See if you can spot him (hint: he is in a green beret)!

Day 149

A really lovely statue in the Sao Paulo Museum of Fine Art.

Day 148

An amazing tree found in a park in the middle of Sao Paulo.  It was massive!

Day 147

Fruit, anyone?  The Sao Paulo Central Market had amazing fruit, nuts, chocolate, and meats. The fruit may not have been "perfect" like in Europe; but, it was pesticide-free and some of the apples were as big as my head!  I happily ate a lot of fruit during my trip.

Day 146

Brazilian sunshine from the balcony of my hotel room.  It was a lovely day in Sao Paulo.