Monday, 30 June 2008

Day 55

Here are the critters!  Well, critter prototypes in muslin.

L-R:  Prototype one, stencil, and the much better prototype two.  They are unstuffed and faceless, but, I am just getting the sewing bit down.  I know how to embroider the eyes, nose and mouth.  

Day 54

Critter creation in progress (okay, the shot is a little staged, but, I made the object!).  Notice the theory book in the background?  Yes, the husband was quizzing me while I worked.

Day 53

I recently signed up for something called a "Critter Swap."  Basically, you send someone a hand-made critter and someone sends one to you.  In order to make a critter, you get information on your person.  Based on that, you create.  I have never sewn anything in my life (other than a button).  This is the drawing and the stencil for my critter.

Day 52

I love thistles!  I found these while walking the dogs. 

Day 51

I was reflecting on objects that meant a lot to me.  My wedding ring means quite a bit.  It is my grandmother's diamonds and the white gold from her ring, but, re-designed for me.  I love that it carries 63 years of a loving marriage in it.  I also love it because it symbolizes how much I love my husband.  And, it is just really purty! 

Day 50

I just love that I have to retake a driving test after driving for over a decade...sigh....

Day 49

Buster got the yogurt pot.  It was really yummy, as you can see.  He wasn't going to let go!

Day 48

This will change our lives.  My husband is off for his selection.

ETA:  He got in!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Day 47

My new project!  Learning to sew!  My MIL gifted me her sewing machine last weekend.  Today, I went the local fabric store and got loads of remnants (some huge!) for £10.  This should be fun!

Day 46

I love that the art is so intricate on my 5 mL perfume bottles.  

Day 45

I caught this while I was getting ready one morning.  Very sweet.

Apologies for the dog-centric photos lately, but, they have just been cuter than usual.  That and once I get back on track, I will have more interesting photos.

Day 44

Buster playing tug.

Day 43

Carved top of the box that my husband bought for the storage of my essential oils.  I think it is really pretty.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Day 42

I bought my new toy today.  It replaces my old toy (a MacBook Pro) after a person, who shall remain nameless, spilled water on it.   

Day 41

Marley being "deer dog" in the back garden.

Day 40

Apparently, Bailey likes mango.  However, he will not get to eat it as it is bad for doggies.

Day 39

The creatures on this fountain outside of the Pantheon were really interesting.

Day 38

Light streaming into the darkness that encompasses St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican.

Day 37

I went to Rome for work and found a few hours to wander around on three different days.  This is a statue of Julius Caesar found in the Coliseum in Rome.

Day 36

I asked my husband to chop some onion for dinner.  I walked into the kitchen to find his inventive way of avoiding the fumes.