Saturday, 30 August 2008

Day 86

I arrived home from Thailand early in the morning and this awaited me.  I love my husband!  

BTW, this is the first update for a month.  If you want to see all the posts, keep going to the other pages. :)

Day 85

I gave this restaurant a rather wide berth....

Day 84

Today, Su-apa kindly took me to see the Grand Palace.  Inside the confines of the palace is a Buddhist temple.  It is the only temple in Bangkok that does not house monks.  This building houses the sacred Buddhist texts.  The building next door houses the ashes of Thailand's past kings.  Both buildings are covered in gold leaf and each color has significance.  It was breathtaking!

In the building surrounding the temple, there is a large painting that tells one of the stories about the Thai kings.  It surrounds the entire temple complex and is huge.  It is also decorated with gold leaf and the picture above doesn't do it justice.  The story panels are located just behind this painting.

Looking at two of the temple buildings from the shade of the story building.

Day 83

Look very closely at the centre of the picture.

Yes, that is a baby elephant on the street.  The handlers charge tourists to feed them.  You see big elephants as well.  The baby elephants are adorable, though.

Day 82

My co-worker and I turned down a side street in Bangkok and found this lovely outdoor restaurant.  His friend, Linny, joined us as well.  It was a quiet little area and the food, conversation, and atmosphere was fabulous!  Linny is a sweetheart and I will visit with her the next time I go.  I just wish it was a bit cooler.  The best bit?  Three people ate a 6 course extremely fresh meal for the equivalent of about £3.

Day 81

From the colors, I think this is Diet Coke.  Thai writing is so lovely, though.  It is like art work!

Day 80

Welcome to Bangkok.

Day 79

You might be surprised at who won this tug of war....

Day 78

This is a gollywog.  It is, well, rather wrong.  My MIL wanted one, so, the husband found it in a second hand shop.   I just can't get over how wrong it is on so many levels.  In the states, you wouldn't have seem something like this in nearly 40 or more years.

Day 77

We went out for dinner and this was the lovely scene on their outside terrace. 

Day 76

Punters in Cambridge.  It was a lovely day out.

Day 75

I went to Cambridge to visit Sarah, who was restoring paintings in a 14th century church.  We took a brief tour of King's College, which was beautiful!

Day 74

While on a walk, I discovered these blackberries growing on a tree.  They weren't ripe enough to pick, though.

Day 73

Marley hurt his paw and got a super sexy pink cast.  He wasn't happy about it.