Sunday, 30 November 2008

Day 117

At six o'clock in the morning, the only place open to eat breakfast at Amsterdam Schipol Airport was McDonald's.  This is a scene from the rather empty (and rather odd) dining area.

Day 116

Wood sculpture thing in the conference room.  Have you gathered that I was trapped in the hotel yet?  *sigh*

Day 115

Canal off of Leidesplein.  A group of us went for dinner and this is about all I saw of Amsterdam.  It was pretty but so cold!

Day 114

View of hotel lobby whilst waiting for the conference to start on Tuesday morning.

Day 113

Thai Green Curry Dutch Style.  It was room service whilst in Amsterdam.  Too much work.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Day 112

This was pushed through our mail slot this morning.  Double-sided and full of nasty things regarding immigrants and immigration.  It is a damn good thing they didn't knock on the door because I would have given them a piece of my mind.

Day 111

A much deserved Chai and chocolate cheesecake muffin after hours of standing and presenting in Dusseldorf.  A few hours later, I was on a plane back to London.

Day 110

Scene from Medica, a huge medical device exhibition in Germany (huge as in 17 jumbo jet hanger sized halls backed to the hilt).  This was my company's stand (which was quite large) with two of my lovely co-worker's explaining one of our therapies.  I was there to answer Regulatory questions.  It was a long day, but, good fun.

Day 109

Lovely little sign on the back of my bed in an otherwise nasty hotel room.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Day 108

My new doggie socks.

Day 107

My husband took this picture while I was out with Karen yesterday; but, it is too cute not to post.  Marley loves the guitar case for naps.

Day 106

I received this little stuffed hedgehog in the post from my Switch Witch!  Isn't he cute!?  (sorry, his nose kind of blends into the sofa material).

Day 105

We went for a walk in the country near a viaduct.  These horses were in the fields and came up to us to say hello.  They were really lovely.

Day 104

Bailey and his Homer slipper.  

Day 103

With the cold weather here, we went to Peterborough so my husband could get proper running trousers.  We also did a bit of Christmas shopping.  I convinced him that I had to go wander around the cathedral grounds where I snapped this picture.

Day 102

My husband and his wedding ring whilst reading in the sunshine.

Day 101

Bailey decided that a nap under the pillow in the spare bedroom was a good thing.

Day 100

I didn't see much of Sweden when I was there; but, the courtyard below my hotel was kinda pretty.